Season in review

Over this last year I have been trying to keep a film camera with me at all times. I'm a fairly impatient person and will be the first to admit that I generally prefer shooting digital. When I first started doing photography I was in the darkroom all the time, and stayed there for most all of my adolescence. After graduating and leaving my beloved darkroom behind I started shooting primarily digital - shout out to my OG Canon T2i - and only shot film every once in a while. 

Since turning my hobby into my profession I've noticed I tend to take photography for granted. It's easy to get into a rut and only take photos for assignments or on your iPhone, but this last year I've been trying to focus on taking photos during my day-to-day. So I guess you could say I'm trying to take up photography as a hobby again and am using film to do so. Here's to slowing down in 2017.


*Photos at Aran Goyoga's studio during our Amazon Echo shoot

*Fall surf trip on the Washington coast

*Hot springs with Isaac

*Portfolio shoot with Jesse & a Portland landmark